Old Edinburgh Church hosts filming of ‘Simon’

St. Patrick’s Church in Edinburgh’s Old Town played host to the First and Only film crew as they went about filming ‘Simon’ a prequel short film for the main feature, First and Only.

The film is based on the best selling novel by Peter Flannery. Last year director Magnus Wake successful ran a crowdfunding campaign for the film and making this short is part of the adaptation process.

Director Magnus Wake commented, “It’s great to finally be filming something from the book. We had a huge surge of support for the film and it’ll be great to show our backers and the public what we’ve got in mind for the main film.”

The last year has seen the full script being developed by respected writer Alastair Rutherford. The team are now building a package to take to film investors for raising funds through the UK governments SEIS and EIS finance schemes. Producer Simone Bett said, “Part of raising investment for a project like this is making sure people understand that this is being produced up to and beyond the current feature film specification. We filmed at 5k (Ed. That’s really high quality to you and me) to help future proof the investment in filming. We also used a cast of up and  coming actors, people who’ve been featured in well know series such as Game of Thrones and Outlander.”

More news and info can be found at www.firstandonlymovie.com

A big thank you goes to everyone who helped on the filming and especially to our hosts at St. Patricks.

Scripts for Short Films Call

Encaptivate are looking for short film scripts 2-4 pages that focus in on one or two characters in one location. If possible please focus on one or more of the themes of resilience, loyalty, passion, anger and loss.

Overall length of the film should be around 4-5 minutes.

We won’t stick religiously to these requirements (but don’t stray too far!). A strong narrative focused on an actors performance is what we’re looking for. Emotional with something of a twist at the end.

A script/s will be selected and we will develop it for production with the writer being paid £350 for their work and usage rights for their script to be turned into a film.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get your idea out there and into a short film which will be submitted to film festivals around the world.

Please submit a 100 word synopsis, script and 200 words on yourself to scripts@encaptivate.co.uk Please keep attachments below 1Mb. We accept PDF, Word and Final Draft.

Deadline for submissions: Friday 24th July.

All material submitted must be your own. We respect a writers ideas and copyright.

First and Only breaks through £50,000 crowdfunding target

First and Only a new movie by director Magnus Wake has broken the Scottish record for raising the most in pounds for a feature film. Based on the best selling novel by Peter Flannery the campaign ran on Indiegogo a website known for raising funds for films, innovations and projects.

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At the close of the campaign £50,465 was raised with the campaign now still running for further funding. The money will go toward the pre-production phase as well as towards developing an investment package to help bring the film to fruition.

Casting and Crew Call For New Indie Scottish Film

Fancy being part of a new Scottish film? Encaptivate, an Edinburgh based production company has launched the registration for their new Psychological thriller, First and Only. The film is based on a top selling Kindle novel of the same name penned by self-publishing by Scottish Borders based author Peter Flannery. Director Magnus Wake said, “This is a hugely exciting project, it’s not everyday that a feature is being made in Scotland and we wanted to open up the process so that emerging and established talent has a chance to be part of this unique project. We’re looking for a range of actors, crew and production management. If you want to get involved just register.”

To have you chance to be part of the film head over to the First and Only website: www.firstandonlymovie.com

The film was first announced in June at the Edinburgh International Film Festival back in and is going to be partially crowdfunded via Indiegogo through unique rewards that will bring people interested in film making in to the process.

The book First and Only has had over 60,000 downloads and has had huge critical success with its readers, with 500 reviews from the UK and US Amazon websites. 90% of the reviews have been 5 or 4 stars.


Information about the film can be found from www.firstandonlymovie.com or via Twitter @firstonlymovie

Option agreement signed for top selling Kindle thriller to Edinburgh based film company, Encaptivate.

PRESS RELEASE 19/06/2014

Option agreement signed for top selling Kindle thriller to Edinburgh based film company, Encaptivate, in what will be the highest amount ever sourced through crowd funding in the history of Scottish film.

Today at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, Encaptivate Ltd, a fledgling Scottish film production company, announced its first option film agreement with Peter Flannery, for his best selling Kindle novel First and Only.

First and Only by Peter Flannery is a self-published thriller which has had over 60,000 downloads. The book has had huge critical success with its readers, with 500 reviews from the UK and US Amazon websites. 90% of the reviews have been 4 or 5 stars, with the majority of them being 5 stars.

Maverick producer and director of television, commercials and brand films, Magnus Wake, has setup Encaptivate to make films using techniques and online tools that are just emerging. Wake believes that there is all kinds of potential in the digital age.

“These days you need to be looking in all kinds of ways to finance and distribute your film. Of course there’s always a place for the established methods, but there are lots of new opportunities out there such as crowd funding”.

Encaptivate and Wake will be launching their own crowd funding campaign later in the year, looking to raise over £50,000; more than has ever before successfully attempted in pounds in Scotland.

Wake is keen to demonstrate how exciting crowd funding can be. “We’re looking to create something truly ground breaking. We’re not just asking for a donation; we want to give back rewards that people will love. We’ve got one amazing reward which will bring our backers completely into the film making process. People will hopefully not only want to back this film but will really enjoy doing it”.

Even the genesis for the project was very digital, as Wake explains: “I read the book on my Kindle, found it so gripping that I immediately tweeted Peter the author and jokingly asked whether anyone had the film rights. A year or so on my wife picked up the Kindle and told me about a great book that would be a brilliant film. I knew exactly which one she was talking about. So I tweeted Peter again and now we’re in pre-production. It’s an amazing tale that deserves to be on screen and I’m looking forward to the buzz of the public creating something which will be a bit of a revolution in film production.”

More information about the film can be found from www.firstandonlymovie.com or via Twitter @firstonlymovie

Magnus Wake interviewing Peter Flannery (on screen) for the crowd funding film.

Magnus Wake interviewing Peter Flannery (on screen) for the crowd funding film.